Pre-conference WORKSHOP

Characterisation of Nanomaterials
Sunday 06.09.2009


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Registration open at 8:30 am on Sunday 6th September

Workshop will begin at 9:00 am.



  • Prof. Dr. T. Hofmann, Vienna University (Introduction)
  • Dr. A. Masion, CEREGE (small angle x-ray scattering - SAXS)

  • Prof. Dr. R. Abart, Vienna University (ion beam and scanning electron microscopy techniques - FIB-SEM)

  • Prof. Dr. J. Thieme, University of Göttingen (x-ray microscopy and spectroscopy)

  • Prof. Dr. M. Hassellov, University of Gothenburg & Dr. F. v.d. Kammer, Vienna University (Field-Flow Fractionation, elemental analysis and light scattering: FFF & MALLS & ICP-MS)
  • Dr. J. Rose, CEREGE (x-ray absorption spectrometry - EXAFS)

  • Dr. R. Kaegi, EAWAG (laser induced breakdown detection - LIBD)