The 4th International Conference on the Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials takes place at University of Vienna, Austria. The Department of Environmental Geosciences will host the conference organised by Dr. F. v.d. Kammer and Prof. T. Hofmann and follows the success ot the 3rd meeting in Birmingham last year.


Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Pedro J. Alvarez - Rice University (USA)
  • Prof. L. Vicki Colvin - Rice University (USA)
  • Prof. Gregory V. Lowry - Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
  • Dr. Peter Kearns - OECD (France)
  • Dr. Jérôme Rose – CEREGE (France)

Scientific Committee

  • Greg Goss (University of Alberta)
  • Richard Handy (University of Plymouth)
  • Thilo Hofmann (University of Vienna)
  • Frank von der Kammer (University of Vienna)
  • Stephen Klaine (Clemson University)
  • Jamie Lead (University of Birmingham)
  • Armand Masion (CEREGE, France)
  • Michael Nentwich (ÖAW, Director of ITA - NanoTrust Austria)
  • Bernd Nowack (EMPA, Switzerland)
  • Richard Owen (Westminster University, London)
  • Eva Valsami-Jones (Natural History Museum, London)

Local Organization Committee

  • Thilo Hofmann
  • Frank von der Kammer
  • Sabine Kranzl
  • Nora Meixner
  • Stephanie Ottofuelling

Committment to our environment

  • Only juices and concentrates from regional fruits, no orange juice
  • Only FairTrade coffee
  • Sugar in dispenser not in individual packages
  • Meals always with vegetarian choice
  • Austrian wines
  • Regional fruits of the season
  • Porcellan cups and dishes
  • Public bus transfer to conference dinner
  • Writing pens offered on demand, not automatically in each conference map
  • Writing pads offered on demand and with reduced number of pages (15 instead of 20)
  • Info material of Vienna on demand, not automatically in each conference map
  • Recollection and reuse of Lanyards and namebadges at the end of conference
  • Conference dinner held at restaurant applied with Austrian Ecolabel (Umweltzeichen)

Official Language

The official languange of the 4th International Conference on Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials 2009 is English.