Program and Session Chairs

Session A: Environmental Behavior, Fate, Interaction and Biogeochemistry
Chairs: Thilo Hofmann, University of Vienna, AT & Jérôme Rose, CEREGE, FR

Session B: Toxicological, Ecotoxicological and Biological Effects
Chairs: Vicky Colvin, Rice University, US & Richard Handy, University of Plymouth, UK

Session C: Detection, Characterization, Measurement, Monitoring and Bioassays
Chairs: Frank von der Kammer, University of Vienna, AT & Jamie Lead, University of Birmingham, UK

Session D: Chemical and physical properties of manufactured or natural nanoparticles
Chairs: Sam Luoma, Natural History Museum, UK & Bernd Nowack, EMPA, CH

Session E: Environmental and Industrial Applications of Nanotechnologies
Chairs: Stephen Klaine, Clemson University, US & Pedro Alvarez, Rice University, US

Session F: Regulation, legislation, policy and public perception of nanotechnology
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